Ariens Foundation Scholarship FAQs

Are the Ariens Foundation scholarships only for students planning to attend a four-year college?

The Ariens Foundation scholarships are available to students planning to attend a four-year college or university, two-year college, vocational-technical school as well as those who are going through a certification or apprenticeship program for the entire academic year. Certification or apprenticeship programs must be sponsored by accredited educational institutions.

What do you mean by "dependent" children?

For purposes of scholarship eligibility, a dependent child is defined as someone who is under the parents’ care, and eligible to be claimed as a dependent on that employee's federal tax return.

Are stepchildren of employees eligible?

Yes, stepchildren of employees are eligible.

Are grandchildren of employees eligible?

Grandchildren are eligible only if they are under the grandparent’s care legally and eligible to be claimed as a dependent on that employees’ federal tax return.

Are children of new employees eligible for the scholarships?

No, the scholarships are only open to children of employees that have been employed at least 1 year with Ariens Company.

If an employee’s child receives a scholarship, will the child lose that scholarship if his or her parent no longer works for Ariens Company?

No, the scholarship will not be taken away from the recipient even if the parent’s employment with the Company terminates (for any reason).

Are high school students attending school in Brillion, Hilbert or Reedsville eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Students attending high school in Brillion, Hilbert or Reedsville are eligible to apply for a scholarship regardless of whether they are related to an employee.

How many scholarships will be awarded each year?

Although the Ariens Foundation will not be able to fund all of the scholarship requests it receives, the Foundation board will do its best to fund the greatest number of requests based on the allocated funds for the program in a given year. The exact number of scholarship may vary each year depending on a number of factors, including the Foundations financial conditions, number of applicants, and types of requests (college vs. vocational-technical). Scholarships will be awarded in $1,000 (college) and $500 (vocational, technical, certification, apprenticeship) increments. The number of scholarships available to the children of employees may also be limited by IRS rules.

Who selects the scholarship recipients?

Recipients will be selected by an independent committee that is appointed by the board of the Ariens Foundation. The committee members will not be associated directly with the board or with the Ariens Company.

How will the recipients be selected?

Recipients will be selected based on the criteria outlined in the application, which includes two letters of reference, a student essay, high school transcripts, and as considered applicable by the committee, financial need.

How will approved applicants be notified of selections?

All approved applicants will receive a letter mailed to their home address.

When should my high school student apply?

High school students should apply for the scholarship during their senior year. The applications deadline is April 1st.

Can students who are currently in college apply?

No, at this time we are only taking applications from high school seniors.

Are students REQUIRED to pick a particular major or course of study?

No, the scholarships are not dependent on a student’s chosen major or course of study.

Why does the Ariens Company Foundation single out students in the school districts of Brillion, Hilbert and Reedsville, Wisconsin?

The Foundation provides a scholarship program that is open to children of all employees of Ariens Company, regardless of where they attend school. The Foundation also accepts scholarship applications from students attending schools in Brillion, Hilbert, and Reedsville, Wisconsin as they have traditionally been included in the Foundation's scholarship program.

Are the scholarships funded by Ariens Company?

In part, the scholarships may be funded through the Ariens Company. The Ariens Company has from time to time contributed funds to this worthy effort, including by its donation to the Foundation.

Who is not eligible for scholarships?

The following persons are not eligible for the scholarships: members of the Ariens family, relatives of substantial contributors to the foundation, and relatives of members of the independent scholarship selection committee. If the Foundation determines that an award to a particular person would be illegal or result in tax penalties on the Foundation, the Foundation may refuse to make such award.